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The Power Of Customer Insight 


Sales to a priority customer were under increasing pressure in a competitive market going through a period of decline. The brand’s shelf space, product listings and depth of distribution were being progressively eroded. The company needed to provide persuasive evidence and insight that would have a positive influence on buying decisions, and enable the sales team to protect its business.


To maintain distribution of the core range through market analysis and customer insight.



  • Loyalty data was purchased from a recognised and trusted third party provider
  • The customer’s shopper spend and purchasing behaviour were analysed and this enabled a thorough understanding of the trading dynamics within the category
  • Merchandising plans were prepared to ensure that recommendations were capable of being implemented in the customer’s stores
  • A robust, data-driven business case was presented with a clear set of recommendations


  • Distribution of the core product range was successfully protected
  • The brand increased visibility and was allocated 9% more shelf space in-store  
  • The company’s analytical and merchandising capability increased significantly
  • Relationships with the customer’s buying and business planning teams improved a lot
  • The company was asked by the customer to lead a fixture relay for national roll-out the following year