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Growing People – Growing Business


A business services company recognised that in order to grow, it had to invest more in its people. This meant developing talent, keeping hold of the best people and ensuring a good succession plan. It also meant line managers taking more responsibility and being less reliant on HR to ‘look after’ people.


To put in place an effective talent management policy and set of procedures.


  • Teams of line managers were formed to review talent management practices
  • The feedback and learnings informed a talent assessment methodology
  • A system for measuring employee performance and potential was introduced
  • A succession planning process was formalised with the leadership team
  • Line managers were coached to apply this in a consistent and objective way


  • A process for managing talent was embedded within the business
  • Line managers got much better at spotting and developing high potential
  • This more meritocratic approach increased employee engagement
  • The language of talent management was adopted more widely
  • Succession planning became a regular and important part of business planning